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>> you remember that back in early march the university of maryland had a big win over duke. students here were celebrating. during t ensuing civil disturbances, and nearly two dozen students were arrested. the next day, many told us that they were wrongly arrested and had been beaten by police. now we have video that proves that in at least one case, that is exactly what happened. if this video could be disturbing, please turn away pyrrhiy. student john mckenna stops in his tracks and appears to be doing nothing wrong when he is set upon by police officers in full riot gear. he is not unconscious, but officers continue to land blows on his body with batons.
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>> john mckenna was simply walking down the sidewalk. the officers attacked him. >> at these photos show some of his injuries. they include a gash in his skull which required multiple staples to close. this is just one statement of charges by police. they alleged that he was in citing a crash and that his injuries were caused by horses. lawyers say none of the claims appear to be true. >> this is something that will be part of our investigation. >> clearly, there are things that concern me after looking at the video. >> federal and state investigators are also looking at a possible civil rights investigation and criminal conduct.
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>> this is police brutality, pure and simple. they are trying to cover up their misconduct by falsely charging a student. >> of the lawyer alleges that the cover-up extended beyond its just that court document. students were told that if they said they were injured, they would actually be held in jail. this happened on a wednesday night. the police chief told me that he is outraged by this videotape, and that he will identify the officers involved and suspend them as soon as possible. in college park, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> we will continue to follow this story on our website. if you want to see people video, you can go to [unintelligible] -- you can go to
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>> dozens of countries have sent delegates to the nuclear summit in d.c. >> the obama administration believes that al-qaeda's primary objective is to acquire nuclear weapons. that is a goal the administration hopes to deny all terrorists worldwide. but it is not easy >> it is the largest summit hosted by the united states since the 1945 formation of the united nations, 47 nations in all. to could countries with nuclear ambitions are absent, -- 2 countries with nuclear ambitions are absent, iran and north korea. today, an agreement was reached with china to put pressure on
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iran to reduce its nuclear buildup. nuclear material is now scattered throughout 40 countries. there is a danger of losing makes falling into the wrong hands. >> just 50 lbs. of uranium could destroy the downtowns of all of our capitaol cities and kill hundreds of thousands of individuals. it is very important that we get thunder control. >> today, ukraine announced a landmark decision to get rid of all of its stockpiles of highly enriched you cranium -- uranium. >> critics say president barack obama left some important topics off the table like the growing nuclear arsenal in the pakistan.
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>> there has been an arrest in a fourth substance -- of a fourth suspect in the attempted bombing of a new york subway. federal officials say the plotters hoped to detonate bombs in the times square and grand central terminal stations. a teenager is accused of starting a deadly shooting that set off a chain of retaliatory violence. police say his brother and two other suspects opened fire on a group of people that attended his funeral. he is charged in the killing. >> police are looking for a man accused of killing his wife and three year-old daughter. they were found in their
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apartment yesterday morning. the man was separated from his wife and husband previously charged with assaulting her. -- has been previously charged with assaulting her. >> if he does that to his own child, what about the next person? >> he was last seen driving a 1999 silver at zero with virginia check -- virginia tags -- silver acura with virginia tags. >> maryland senators had amended a bill considering giving schools and police new powers to deal with gangs.
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coming up, traffic is slow around the convention center. we will tell you how residents are coping. >> plus, the short list of possible supreme court nominees. >> and rescuers go into a west virginia mine. >> a nussle year in the the weather center. good looking stuff -- i am
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>> a somber service honored the 29 miners killed last week in an explosion in west virginia. state and federal inspectors are now trying to determine what caused that explosion. president barack obama has ordered american fls in west virginia to be flown at half mast until sunday. >> rumors are flying over possible nominees to the supreme court. president barack obama says you can scratch one of the alleged. orrin hatch reported this morning that secretary of state hillary clinton was being considered. but white house officials say the president wants senator clinton tuesday in her -- secretary clinton to stay in her
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current position. >> the dow jones has closed above the 11,000 mark for the first time in over a year and a half. it has risen about 70% since its low last march. >> coming up, residents and business owners in one neighborhood are dealing with the biggest show of security they have ever seen. >> and we will have your forecast for the week. >> the phillies had a matinee, but what the heck happened to the city of brotherly love? here's to the believers.
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>> parts of downtown are under lock down tonight as the leaders descend on washington, d.c. >> road closures are causing headaches for commuters. jennifer donelan is live with
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how president are coping. >> this is what they warned us about four days. i am just south of howard university. d.c. is now on a lockdown. all day long, we have been watching security around the city. when they go by, traffic must stop. there are massive security checkpoints. residents have to show an idea to get into their own neighborhood -- and depend id -- an id just to get into their own neighborhood. there were protests today against leaders of china, but they were relatively small. residents are getting used to having heavy military equipment outside their front doors.
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>> we were not able to move around. that was not expected. >> is right in front of your house. >> a exactly. alex>> let's talk traffic. we were watching the evening rush getting under way. we are beginning to see gridlock near new york ave. coming back here live coverage -- live, this appears to be some sort of headquarters for the national guard. even though things went relatively well during this morning's commute, everything is still locked down, no parking, no street traffic. reporting live, i am jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> it looks like tomorrow
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morning's rush hour will be fine. tomorrow afternoon maybe another story. >> it was a perfect afternoon. blue skies, just a few high clouds. temperatures were above average. the past 35 days that featured at temperatures above average. there you have it, a beautiful night, a beautiful overnight as well. it is and 70 degrees just up the road from where jennifer donelan was. the official high at reagan national airport was 72 degrees. the record high was 90 back in 1937. the record low was 24 degrees. i am going to mention this again, because it is good news.
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the walter reed medical center provide our daily pollen count. they say we haven't reached the peak of pollen season. -- we haven't reached the peak of pollen season. -- we have reached the peak of pollen season. that is good news for allergy sufferers. cooler numbers are starting to arrive in pennsylvania. there is rain coming out of the north east and moving west. tomorrow, it all comes together. there will be increasing cloudiness, some light rain at tomorrow afternoon at a into the night. wednesday it looks nice. warm, high temperatures and start to come back for wednesday. by friday, another little storm
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system will come our way. it will be a brief visitor spirir. things look good again by the weekend. it looks like it could be cloudy and cool on saturday, but nice. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers-- moving you forward. >> the national had a good weekend. >> yes, they want it to out of three. the mets are playing the phillies this afternoon. it is a big difference. hamill's throws a fastball. he gets a lot of it. it was 1-0 nationals.
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the police carried a lot of momentum from the weekend. -- the phillies carried a lot of momentum from the weekend. they went on to beat washington this afternoon, 7-4. there was a lot of buzz about the minor league debut of a picture yesterday. he was blowing smoke. he got his first win as a major league baseball player. for hockey fans, the caps had the day of they will be back thursday night. today, their coach said the canadians are a tough opponent. >> they have played as a very tight. they're very competitive against thus. montreal is an emotional team
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and they are going to lift their game up. >> for golf fans, the final round of the masters was the third highest rated master's ever. tiger had a number one and two, but then came the masterful wynn of phil mickelson in agusta yesterday. >> he was disturbed by a seedling that mysteriously fell from the sky above. >> you have to wonder if someone is out to get you. >> he found himself in a pickle on a 13. but then, over 200 yds away -- >> the gap was a little bit bigger. it wasn't huge, but it was big enough for the ball to fit through. [laughter] i just felt like at that time i needed to trust my swing and hit a shot.
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>> the shot landed feet from the cut. the green jacket was his for the taking. afterward, he hugged his wife who, like his mom, is how best -- is fighting breast cancer. >> that was a very emotional moment for us, and something that i will look back on. it has been a very special week. >> what a great story. jason campbell had been unable to find a team and work out a deal. now it is up to the redskins to find a trade partner for him. is not expected to attend camp this weekend. >> is he getting a raw deal? >> i do not think so. i think they're trying to get better, and they need to look somewhere else. >> john boehner insists that
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repealing the health-care lot is his number one priority. when congress comes back from recession -- from the recess, he will get to work on it. >> john boehner said it is nearly impossible, but it will take engagement from the american people to make it happen. this could be a legislative priority should republans take a significant numb
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>> we are following some breaking news. a military vehicle has struck a cyclist at 12th and new york ave. it is a very serious injury. we are on route to the scene. we will have the full story at 11:00 appe. >> coming up, we have two options for lht rain. the first will be tomorrow evening. but it is pretty good april weather for the most part. >> abc world news is coming up next. [ beeping ]
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